he Southern California Equine Foundation is a non-profit, charitable corporation dedicated to the care of the injured racehorse. Donations to SCEF are accepted and acknowledged in the following manner

Rescue Operations - Funds Surgical Costs
The SCEF, in conjunction with veterinarians on the racetrack backside who donate their time and skills, performs surgeries on horses that no longer are useful to the animal’s owner and would otherwise be “put to sleep.” These horses still have potential use in other venues or could, at the very least, be put out to pasture to enjoy the rest of their life. Please see the article, provided by Leigh Gray, on some of the horses that have gone on to other walks of life. Monetary donations are welcome to help us in this endeavor.

Homes Found - Leigh Gray or The Pegasus Foundation
In addition to surgery “rescue horses,” sometimes owners, trainers, or vets ask the SCEF staff to help find homes for horses that can no longer race.
Leigh Gray, a former SCEF employee, dedicates much of her time to this endeavor. She usually has at least five horses on her property at any given time and farms out to friends other horses that she can’t personally house. She spends enormous time, money, and energy finding homes for these horses. Leigh has currently set up her own non-profit organization, Thoroughbred Rehab Center Inc.

The United Pegasus Foundation & Tranquility Farms are other places we call on to accept horses. If you would be interested inhelping these horses, please contact the following organizations:

Thoroughbred Rehab Center (Leigh Gray), www.tbrci.org

Tranquility Farms (Priscilla Clark), www.tranquilityfarmtbs.org

The United Pegasus Foundation (Helen Meredith), www.unitedpegasus.com

Building Fund - Donor Plaques
The SCEF’s Santa Anita Hospital needs to be relocated due to planned renovation of the backside. The original doublewide trailer was installed more than 20 years ago as a temporary arrangement while we proved to the racing industry that a hospital on the backside was a worthwhile concept. The intention was to use the trailer for no more than five years and then build a more permanent facility.

Over the years the Radiology department has been renovated, but the surgical facilities are (with minor repairs) original. These trailers are unable to be relocated.

Santa Anita Park graciously donated the time of its architect to design a floor layout (Hospital Floorplan) and the grounds on which the new facility will be built. We have set up a donation fund to be used solely for hospital construction. If you would like to help us with this project, we will acknowledge your support by listing your name on a plaque that will be prominently displayed in the lobby of the new equine hospital.

Equipment Fund - Donor Plaques
This equipment fund is used to replace outdated, irreparable equipment. The fund can also be used to purchase new technologies and diagnostic tools.
If you would be interested in donating funds to purchase a specific item, a “donated by” plaque would be placed on this equipment. Please contact the SCEF for a full list of equipment needs (and “would be nice to haves”), along with estimated costs.

Research Projects
While Dolly Green Research Foundation generously helps support SCEF’s research projects, research funding is always an ongoing need. If you’re interested in supporting equine research contact us for information on potential projects needing funding.

When The Race is Over—by Leigh Gray