Research Proposal Information & Application

Dolly Green Funded Research Projects

he Dolly Green Research Foundation is affiliated with the Southern California Equine Foundation and was established to administer a bequest from the late Miss Dolly Green. Miss Green was a longtime racehorse owner with a special interest in equine welfare.

    The Dolly Green Research Foundation currently ranks as the second largest private funding agency dedicated exclusively to equine health issues. The Foundation is proud to be supporting high quality research at the cutting edge of equine medicine and surgery. This funding is intended to help fulfill the mission of the Southern California Equine Foundation by improving the health and welfare of the equine athlete.

Goals of the Dolly Green Research Foundation
The mission of the Dolly Green Research Foundation is to advance the health and welfare of the thoroughbred racehorse. The Dolly Green Research Foundation seeks to emphasize research with a practical benefit to the racehorse and expects to have a significant impact on equine research in the future.
    The Research Committee fosters this mission through the funding of pertinent and scientifically sound research proposals. The first four years have seen a wide range of research topics. Topics which are considered of timely importance (E.P.M. for example)receive additional consideration. Above all, projects must be scientifically and ethically sound. The value of the potential knowledge gained is also of importance.

The Racetrack as a Laboratory
The racetrack environment offers many opportunities for research. In fact, many important studies have been carried out, in whole or in part, within the racetrack enclosure. Research on E.I.P.H. and gastric ulcers have been carried out quite successfully at the racetrack. The racetrack offers a readily available and relatively homogeneous population of animals for study. This resource is currently under utilized by our funded researchers. Studies carried out at the racetrack need to be carefully considered and planned, particularly when invasive procedures may be involved. Nonetheless, considerable effort should be made to promote the use of the racetrack population in future proposals.

The Research Committee
The Research Committee is composed of clinical practitioners, academic clinicians, and academic- and industry-based researchers. Because the content of grant proposals can vary widely from year to year, one or two additional reviewers may be named after the receipt of the grant proposals. This allows the committee to add expertise in certain areas as needed. In past years, effort has been made to diversify the expertise and professional affiliations of the reviewers.

Significant Sources of Public Funding for Equine Research
  In the year 1999, the following agencies (and others) provided funding for equine research:

The Jockey Club 850,000
U.S.D.A. 785,000
Morris Animal Foundation 327,117
Dolly Green Research Foundation 220,000